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Dance me to the end of love

Kud god pođem, na neg, mislim majko

svud me prati pregolema tuga.

Bosnian traditional song

 I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.

Μικρά Αγγλία

Što ćemo se dogovoriti?
Da ćemo se opet vidjeti.
Gdje će to biti?
Gdje nas puste.
Što ćemo raditi?

Što god nam padne na pamet.

Čudno je to pisanje dnevnika. Misliš da ga pišeš, a on se piše sam.

-Miris kiše na Balkanu

my 3 A.M. thoughts 
have been about you 
and how much i would rather 
be lying so secure in your arms, 
with my face buried in your neck 
as your scent fills my lungs 
and the warmth of my breath 
dances along your skin. 
i could fall asleep peacefully